Badnut Web Design Ltd is run by me, Dan Nuttall (LinkedIn Profile). I specialise web design and web development and am one of Huddersfield’s most affordable web design outlets. I create eye catching designs and include search engine optimization as standard, increasing your profit margins at a very low cost. I have the ability to create large dynamic websites with hundreds of users, I can create online shops, give you highly detailed statistics of your website usage and more. For the small amount you pay, the rewards are substantial.

The web development skills we possess are as follows:

 html  css3  Javascript  php  mysql
 HTML 5 CSS 3 Javascript PHP MySQL

As you may have noticed in the list above, I like to keep up with current web standards, making sure I’m never behind the times, incorporating all new web standards into my websites where applicable. Two of the most recent developments in web standards are the release of HTML5 and CSS3. These are updates on the current HTML / CSS development codes, and they allow you to do so much more with your website!

As well as having skills in web development applications, I also posses skills in web design applications, being fluent in many popular design programs.

The programs I have skills in are as follows:

 dreamweaver  photoshop  flash  fireworks  premiere  audition
 Dreamweaver  Photoshop Flash Fireworks Premiere Audition

I also have experience to back up my knowledge. This can be found on my Portfolio