Badnut Web Design Ltd is run by me, Dan Nuttall (LinkedIn Profile). I believe in creating top quality products for blisteringly low prices. In todays financial climate I understand that getting the funds together for a website can be difficult as developers generally charge you a lot of money as a result of the technical ability required to create a website. However, I believe in progression over profit, so I only charge enough to keep myself going. I walk the non-profit line that I believe all companies should strive to walk. I cannot stress enough that you should not let the ideals I work by cloud your judgement; I still work my hardest to create the best possible websites, not only because it’s a very rewarding process creating the websites themselves, but because on completion of them I have some very happy clients, and it’s all worth it!

Before generating a quote you should know that all websites come with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built into them, as well as all design aspects such as website shape / size / colours / fonts etc. All design aspects are generally extensions of the logo used. If you don’t have a logo, I can design you one. If you want a database driven site then a search feature will be included for free (only if you want one!).

Taking the above into account, below is a list of the services I offer. Prices are based upon how time consuming each website would take to make. If you need any help understanding the options below, have a look at the FAQ or Contact me

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